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What's Included in Group Training?

  • Custom Training Plan: No cookie-cutter training plans at RunnerDude's Fitness. Even though it's group training, each runner gets his/her own training plan customized to meet his/her individual running goals.
  • Individual Support: During training, each participant has constant one-on-one, email, and phone support.
  • 30-minute consultation: A time to discuss your running/racing experience and racing goals
  • Training Support Info: Online access to a wealth of training materials available only to group training participants
  • Group Runs: 2 Weekly Group Runs (Wednesdays 6:30PM and Saturdays 7:30AM)
  • Ongoing Group and Individual Communication: Weekly communication and motivational emails

You're In Charge!

You Pick the Race You Want to Run! With the RunnerDude's Fitness Group Race Training Program, you can train for the race of your choice!




Check Out This Video Recap of Last Fall's Group Race Training!

RunnerDude's Fitness 2015 Fall RaceTraining from Thad McLaurin on Vimeo.

Back up 14 Weeks for a Half and 18 Weeks for a Full Marathon to Determine When Your Training Begins. Here are Some Great Races to Consider!

  • Erie Marathon: Race Date 9/11  (Training begins May 8)
  • Chicago Marathon: Race Date 10/9 (Training begins June 5)
  • Race the Bar 10-Miler: Race Date 10/9 (Training begins July 17)
  • Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon: 10/16 (Training begins July 10)
  • Peak to Creek Marathon: Race Date 10/29 (Training begins June 26)
  • City of Oaks Marathon: Race Date 11/6 (Training begins July 3)
  • Rex Health Care Half Marathon: Race Date 11/6 (Training begins July 3)
  • Rock-n-Roll Savannah Marathon: Race Date 11/6 (Training begins July 3)
  • Rock-n-Roll Savannah Half Marathon: Race Date 11/6 (Training begins July 31)
  • NYC Marathon: Race Date 11/6 (Training begins July 3)
  • Richmond Marathon: Race Date 11/12 (Training begins July 10)
  • American Family Fitness Half Marathon: Race Date 11/12 (Training begins Aug 7)
  • OBX Marathon: Race Date 11/13 (Training Begins July 10)
  • Southern Fried Half Marathon: Race Date 11/13 (Training begins Aug 7)
  • Black Toenail Friday Half Marathon: Race Date 11/25 (Training begins Aug 21)

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