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Who is the RUNegades Program For?

Anyone who...

  • wants to learn different running workouts to take his/her running to the next level
  • wants a weekly full-body workout designed for runners
  • wants a weekly routine of running with others of all levels
  • to keep motivated
  • wants to become a more efficient runner
  • wants have fun getting & staying fit!

What does The RUNegades Program Include?

  • Year-Round Running and Fitness!
  • A Group Speed workout-fartleks, inervals, hill repeates, tempo runs, etc. (Mondays @ 6:30PM) 
  • A Weekly Full-Body Group Circuit Workout (Thursdays @ 6:30PM).  
  • Guest Speakers on Running/Fitness Related Topics
  • Participation in various local races of various distances (Race registration fees not included)
  • RUNegades T-Shirts (with initial membership)
  • Ongoing support and consult with their coach, RunnerDude

What Does it Cost?

  • 2-Weekly Sessions 6-Month Commitment = $330 (That's less than $7 a workout!)
    • Special! New Clients Save $10 Making Registration only $320 for 6months!
  • Save 10% When You Commit to 12 Months! = $594! 

Only able to commit to one session a week?                                                                                        No problem! You can register for  just the weekly speed workout or just the weekly group full-body circuit workout. 

  • 1-Weekly Session 6-Month Commitment = $165.00
    • Save 10% When You Commit to 12 Months! = $297.00!





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When does The RUNegades group begin?

  • You can join The RUNegades program at any time during the year.
  • Your 6-month or 12-month commitment begins the day you register.

Where does The RUNegades group meet?

  • Monday's Group Speed Workout @ 6:30pm—Location varies week to week 
  • Thursday's Full-Body Circuit Workout @ 6:30pm—RunnerDude's Fitness Studio

How Do I Register?

To register/pay for the RUNegade program, click the button below. After payment is received, you will be contacted via email with more details regarding your program and when you'll start your first session.