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Curious about your running stride? RunnerDude's running stride video analysis will give you not only feedback on your running stride but actual video, still shots, and slow-motion footage of your running with added graphics and audio to better explain and analyze your current running stride. Foot landing, foot-strike, cadence, upper-body posture, gait, and arm swing will be evaluated.

There are as many different types of running strides as there are runners. At RunnerDude's Fitness, we're not about telling how you're running wrong. Instead, the analysis is completed with the goal of providing tips for decreasing chance of injury as well as increasing running efficiency.

The Evaluation Includes Analysis Of:

  • foot landing
  • foot strike
  • gait
  • upper-body posture
  • hip alignment
  • running efficiency
  • injury-prevention

Good Running Form Session Includes:

  • suggestions for strategies for correction of any form issues that surface from
  • video analysis
  • good running technique covering good running posture
  • techniques for achieving running efficiency
  • techniques to decrease chance of injury


$85-This includes a copy of the video analysis sent to via email plus one follow-up visit.

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